Studio City Dog Day Care

Studio City Dog Day Care

Is your dog bored and alone at home all day? Drop him or her off at our Cage Free Dog Daycare in Studio City! Our convenient Ventura Blvd. facility will keep your dog stimulated and challenged in building its social skills and quality of interaction all of which is provided in an organized and enriched environment. Your pet will flourish and build its reper-toire while interacting in a controlled pack which plays and learns from each other. At the end of the day your pup WON’T want to go home!!!

Our Studio City Dog Day Care Features:

  • Cage free daycare facility which consists of 3 play rooms divided for appropriate size and activity level of each dog.
  • Air conditioned and heated environment all year round. We use air cleaners that help eliminate disease particles and odor.
  • No crates or mandatory nap times as we believe that we would be taking play time away from our pets.
  • No Bad Habbits! We walk our dogs outside for some Studio City sunshine.
  • Fresh and Filtered Drinking Water.
  • Plenty of parking in our parking lot for convenient pickup and drop-off.

So bing your dog in for a day of fun and avoid all the bad things that happen when your dog is bored and alone at home. We also offer pick-up and drop-off service.

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