Grooming is a very  important part of your dogs overall health and well being. Owners sometimes think that a bath is only necessary when their dog starts smelling overwelmingly. The fact is that grooming is not just a bath but a health routine that needs to be performed on a regualr basis every 4 to 6 weeks. Every groom that we perform includes the following.

  • Massaging Bath

  • Nails are trimmed and/or dremmeled

  • Ears are cleaned and plucked

  • Anal Sacks are expressed

  • Coat is brushed out and untangled (when possible) – if the coat is tangled/matted severly it is very important to shave the matts off. Skin is not able to breathe under the matts and your dog will be very uncomfortable and may develope skin problems if matts are not removed promptly.