While you are busy or away and have a need for your dog to be cared for overnight, we are here to help; we'll feed, exercise, walk, and care for your dog as long as you may need. While boarding, our hotel provides a spacious and private kennel with a comfortable bed.




Owners must fill out an enrollment form, which can be found here. You can email it back to us at, bring it to the store with you, or fill one out at our location.

You can also fill out our reservation form here or call us to book your dates.

Please also email or fax your dog's vaccination records, or bring them with you on your drop-off day. We cannot board a dog without records or a signed enrollment form.



We require that your dog have up-to-date


vaccinations, and that they be fixed if over seven months of age. Additionally, we ask that if you recently adopted your dog from a shelter or rescue that they’ve been in your care for at least two weeks. We cannot accept a dog without vaccination records.

You can email your records, ask your vet to email or fax them, or bring physical copies with you on your drop-off day (we'll give the originals back to you).


While you dog is boarding with us we follow your feeding schedule, and while we do offer house food for $1.50 per feeding, we recommend you bring your own dog's food to make it a smoother stay for your pup. Everyone gets water in the yard and overnight, and no need to provide bowls, we've got that covered. We encourage you to bring a toy or two to stimulate them overnight (in the kennel only; it won't be going into the yard with them, no worries). There is no charge for administering medication that your dog may need during his/her stay.



Checkout is at 12pm. Dogs that are picked up after this time will be charged an additional $26 for late checkout.


Boarding dogs also receive 10% off of grooming services and retail purchases.



Personal Suite - Your dog's own private kennel for the duration of his or her stay, plus free daycare, a $36 daily value. 


Additional Dog - For families of more than one dog, each additional dog after the first is $6 off per night. Includes free daycare, a $36 daily value.


Late Checkout - For checkout between 12pm and closing.


Car Service - Pickup or Dropoff one way within a 2 mile radius.


Retail & Grooming - All boarding dogs get 10% off retail purchases and grooming and bathing services!