We offer 3 separate dog daycare areas. Our play groups are designed to have dogs of similar size and activity level interact with one another in a pack environment.

Doggie Daycare provides exercise and socialization, which are two of the most important attributes of your dogs' quality of life.

Dog Daycare
Doggie Daycare
Dog Daycare
Doggie Day Camp




Before we can welcome your pooch into our pack, we require that you bring him or her in for a meet-and-greet. Please call to set up an evaluation time.

The initial evaluation takes about 20 minutes, but we encourage you to leave your dog for a few hours if possible so we may get to know him/her better.



Before we can do an evaluation, we require all dogs to have up-to-date


vaccinations, and be fixed if they are over seven months of age. Additionally, we ask that if you recently adopted your dog from a shelter or rescue that they’ve been in your care for at least two weeks.

Owners must also fill out an enrollment form, which can be found here! You can email it back to us at, bring it to the store with you, or fill one out at our location. Please also email or fax your dog's vaccination records, or bring them with you on evaluation day. We cannot evaluate a dog without records or a signed enrollment form.




Up to 5 hours

of play


Up to 5 hours

of play for

additional dog


All day play


All day play for

additional dog


Midday Outdoor Walk


One-way delivery

within a

2 mile radius



Dog daycare packages are a great value for you. Not only do they bring down your daily rate, but they also get you awesome perks like 10% off bathing services, 10% off any of our toys, food, treats, or other retail items in our store, and $15 midday outdoor walks!

Packages last for 6 months from date of purchase.


10 Full Days


20 Full Days


10 Full Days
for Two Dogs


10 Half Days
(up to 5 hours)
$24/half day


20 Half Days
(up to 5 hours)
$22/half day